Friday, August 23, 2013

One of my Many Obsessions

What's been my biggest obsession since my last almost two years?It's been Korean drama.Why?An awesome blend of romance, drama, comedy, action, suspence, thrill and sometimes supernatural thrown in with great acting, writing and chemistry.Now I wont say every drama is awesome (there are some duds) but I have found a lot of shows that have made me want to sit in front of my comp all day marathoning.And after finally giving into I can watch shows the week they come out there, so I actally have a show to anticipate.I haven't had the feeling of anticipation like that since I discovered "Doctor Who" (proud Whovian ^^).If you want to give any of these shows a try check out "Boys Over Flowers", "My Princess", "Coffee Prince", City Hunter", "Faith", "Protect The Boss", "I Hear Your Voice", "Dream High", and the ever popular and almost at an end "You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin".The last one has had me in my seat each day it's updated and has a large following.Right now a new up and comer, "The Master's Sun" is gaining fans internationally too.If you like suspence, romance, drama and comedy mixed in with many interruptions by ghastly looking ghosts then this maybe one for you.Must admit it did start a bit slow but it left an impression on me that I had to see what happened next.I was not disappointed with the following episodes.

How did I get into K-drama?It was a combination of my cousins, "Doctor Who" and Deondre.My cousins had been bugging me about shows they had been watching on dramafever.I would kinda go "Eh", but in the long run dismissed them.Then one day Deondre suggested that I'd watch an anime called "Nana" which is based off of a manga.I fell in love with the series, characters, writing, roller coaster of emotions, twists and turns in the plot and character development that when it was over I started looking for something else similar.That's where netflix came in.According to them if I liked "Nana" and "Doctor Who" then I would love the Korean show "My Princess".Now...what connection "My Princess" had with a time traveling alien with a Brittish accent and a sonic screwdriver I had no idea.But it was my gateway.

A few of these shows are actually adaptations from mangas.The ever popular "Boys Over Flowers" started out as a Japanese manga and then went into production to become a tv show.This show was followed by a Taiwanese version and then the most popular one the Korean version (starring the oh so cute Lee Min Ho).There is also more recently a Chinese version that has popped up.And last I read there is an American version in talks (I'm cringing hoping we don't shame what's already so awesome).And speaking of adaptations you should check out "Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo".This show also started as a manga, turned into a series and then was adapted for Taiwanese and Korean."Mischievous Kiss" is a redoing of the 1996 Japanese original.It's really cute and has an awesome rain scene.

Anyways, this is a little peek of my corner of the world.
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