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- For a drama that boasts just learn from this manga, I found this a little romance ... But hey, I

Hello hello! Back after a long absence, I know, but I needed rest and vacation, and I work hard on my blog next second - to be launched from one day to the next, I dunno too much when . Anyway, aladdin movie sorry for the lack

October 1983. While his wife has just given birth to their first child, Park Moo Yul, a soldier sees requisitioned for an undercover mission to North Korea with Lee Jin Pyo, his best friend, and 19 other soldiers. While the mission is successful, the government finally judge the situation too risky and resolved to abandon these 21 men, it will eliminate in Nampo. This "Clean Sweep" operation does not proceed quite as expected: in the carnage, there is a survivor they ignore the existence ...

Back in South Korea, Lee Jin Pyo wants absolutely wreak vengeance against the state, and kidnaps the son of Moo Yul, barely a month. He teaches aladdin movie an iron hand in Thailand and in fact a real war machine. After losing his foot to a landmine, he reveals to the young man, Lee Yoon Sung, his real identity and his revenge. aladdin movie 7 years later, Yoon Sung returns to South Korea to put his father's plans to run, without ceasing to repeat his words: "Do not fall in love. "

- It is a drama that I like: with a true sense, a depth of adventures that make sense. The story is exciting and we are immersed in it from the beginning. The first episode clearly what it is, and happily explains, because the story is a bit complicated! We are far from typical dork drama that is only there to tell a romance eventually as another - I was afraid that all this scene serves only that! - This is a true story and the goal is not necessarily that the pairing of drama eventually imperative in the same bed ...

- City Hunter is a drama that has been able to afford. The achievement and sets are treated, licked it never falls into the cheap. This is what I love about Korean dramas: they have the means, and use them properly. The first episode I was really passionate about, it's like a big screen movie!

- The characters. Not all, but some are remarkable, and not necessarily the key. I loved Lee Jin Pyo, the adoptive father of Yoon Sung's threatening statements, his thirst

for revenge limitless and totally aladdin movie creepy look when it is about to commit the irreparable. aladdin movie This is a character both fascinating and frightening. But I also liked Yoon Sung and his dual identity, bounded Young Joo short, a bunch of actors to their personalities as interesting interactions.

- As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the pairing. It does not invade the drama, fits well in the action, and stays in place, even though I've read some reviews that complained about the lack of romance (but hey, it's City Hunter, not Boys Over Flowers). I too found this limit due to the original work (but that I shall return later).

- I'm open your eyes, put on my glasses, everything you want: each episode does mention the original work of Tsukasa Hojo. Having been a big fan of this manga when I was little, aladdin movie although I remember a slightly blurred, I can say this: the story has nothing to do! Whether it's in the script, the action, the characters ... The resemblance is only in the title. aladdin movie I do not see the point of doing that when the similarities are almost absent.

- For a drama that boasts just learn from this manga, I found this a little romance ... But hey, I finally consider City Hunter as a drama in itself, and in this context, I n 'have no complaints about the impact of this famous romance aladdin movie (see my previous paragraph)!

The end. It would determine whether aladdin movie City Hunter would be in my hearts beating, and after much thought, this is partly why he did not enter it: it is a bit sloppy. Not really the end of the story, but in the epilogue, supposed enlighten us more or less on the consequences of what happened, and finally it is completely aladdin

movie useless, does not give us any information and leaves a lot of issues. I'd rather have (spoil) stay on this image Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung dying on the ground, hand in hand. It was on one side, a terrible end not knowing if Yoon Sung out alive or not, but at least it would actually open! And this image was at once so beautiful and scary

- The rivalry between Yoon Sung and Young Joo does not really make sense to me. Finally, aladdin movie I found
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