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A full 150 euros for 141 episodes will never sell, beez has unfortunately paid the price with belll

News | anime DVD The 21/02/13 at 18:30 by Olivier Fallaix CITY HUNTER DVD in KazThe cult series City Hunter, also known in France under the title Nicky Larson is out on DVD in Asuka. A box set the first 35 episodes of season 1 and VF VOSTF released on April 24, 2013 ( 39.95). The publisher naruto shippuuden 251 released naruto shippuuden

251 the integral of the TV series, four seasons: City Hunter (51 x 26 min) City Hunter 2 (63 x 26 min) City Hunter 3 (13 x 26 min) and City Hunter 91 (13 x 26 min). The previous edition DVD was produced by Beez Entertainment from 2004 to 2011. A complete remastering episodes had been made, as well as adding a VOSTF. Adapted from the manga by Tsukasa Hojo, City Hunter arrived in France in 1990, the show Club Doroth e, before the subject of numerous naruto shippuuden 251 reruns on TMC, MCM, Mangas, NT1 ... Update of 22/02/123: Kazout well four seasons, not just the first two.

OULALAAAA! Asuka has already naruto shippuuden 251 reissued some animes naruto shippuuden 251 Delic Image, Manga Video (Path e), and now Beez (and it should be understood because these publishers no longer exist). And who will be next? AB Video LOL. Info for the lost worlds and Mysterious city of gold will be republished in Kaztoo.

Not to mention IDP seen the movie Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro came out at Asuka. And yes, Asuka has a monopoly on French video market of Japanese animation, naruto shippuuden 251 which is not really good news and shows how the current market is sluggish. It is never very healthy for a market that one of its economic actors hold the monopoly. Finally, I'm still glad that some cult titles Manga Video Kazstand in as they had been entitled to DVD editions generally poor Path . For my part, having already Beez editions of the first two animated series City Hunter, I do not redeem in Asuka.

City Hunter naruto shippuuden 251 2 has 63 episodes and not 72. In addition, I think Kaze goes out all the 4 series for 4 boxes 35 episodes each are 140 episodes is the total number of episodes of City Hunter (51 +63 +13 +13 = 140).

Anything this madness ... if they already reissued City Hunter as to the integral of a sudden and talk about it more ...

A full 150 euros for 141 episodes will never sell, beez has unfortunately paid the price with bellle complete edition box suitcase "s picked sales level ... It is better to cut the Kaze series cabinets to reach a new audience ...

I do not care the complete dvd boxes beez ^ ^ agree with Xanatos regarding the monopol and therefore higher prices in kaze ....... bizarre city hunter is not released in blu ray in Japan as "home ikkoku" was released in the format.Faut wait is over but then just be that the kaze would do that? .....

The only thing that would be in Asuka (though of course, it is possible), it would get better naruto shippuuden 251 audio tape that VF Beez. Because at Beez, I know there are some episode where the sound is muffled as when the TV broadcast Mangas, the sound is clear. Otherwise, yes you're naruto shippuuden 251 right Cedric the rights to the series are due Kazbut will they actually make money with a series that already exists on DVD? And more cheaper? In Asuka, 40 35 episodes in Beez, a full season, 30 and less depending on the site ... Personally, the choice is quickly made.

@ Anakin: oldies released naruto shippuuden 251 in Blu-Ray in Japan, you just wait. @ Usagi-Moon: it is true that Asuka was not sighted on this one, in my opinion, as "Dr. naruto shippuuden 251 Slump" ...

The real question is what can we blame KAZE have a virtual monopoly on the French market for Japanese animation in your reactions? Publishers like Wakanim and Dybex not play in the same category as KAZE. Personally, we should be grateful that so Kaze DVDs and Blurays as well as other publishers. Given the balance of power between publishers and the recent animated laid fansub, it's better

than not having strong naruto shippuuden 251 publishers. I hope the policy KAZE will quickly change vis- -vis this scourge that is growing. I close this parenthesis. On this resortie City Hunter is a pretty risky bet from KAZE. They would do better to focus on their current licenses.

I do not know, but they had better take "Mai-Hime" and highlight one of the best series of 2000 Blu-ray version! Otherwise darkmol, the risk of a q
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