Friday, August 30, 2013

Nicky Larson / City Hunter Season 1 Uncut VOVF Vol.7 August 13, 2007 anime

Work: City Hunter / Nicky Larson (Season 1) Publisher: Asuka Duration: 35 x 26 min Release Date in France: April 24, 2013 Format: DVD Languages: French (Dolby 2.0 Mono) Japanese simpsons pictures (Dolby 2.0 Mono) Subtitles: French Images: 4:3 RRP: 39.95 EAN: 3700091027289

Ryo Saeba (Nicky Larson VF) is not only detective, but also an outstanding shooter. But his attraction to pretty girls prevents it from being taken seriously and sickens teammate Kaori (Laura). The notice

Cult series discovered in Club Doroth e there are more than twenty years, City Hunter is always fun to watch, even if the animation is a bit dated and despite fairly repetitive stories. Despite the short as "remastered", the series is identical to previous editions had already received a restored image and a full version without censorship. Found with pleasure the time VF, but purists prefer the VOSTF, more faithful to the original and less fantasiste work. Bonuses

Nicky Larson / City Hunter Season 1 Uncut VOVF Vol.7 August 13, 2007 anime

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