Friday, August 30, 2013

just the summary of the first story fills me already ... tsukasa HoJo was really struggling to find

News | The manga 02/18/13 at 07:40 by Olivier Fallaix Season 2 ANGEL HEART by Panini hello kitty Manga Angel Heart by Tsukasa Hojo ended in Japan in 2010 in Volume 33, but did not had to wait long for it to continue with a "season 2". In fact, the magazine where it was published had stopped, and the story was later included in a new publication, the Comic Zenon. In France, Panini released the Volume 33 of season 1 in August 2011! And finally on April 17 we can discover the Angel Heart Season 1 Volume 2 's. hello kitty However, as the manga currently has only five volumes in Japan, we should catch up fairly quickly publication. In these new adventures, an actress uses City Hunter and his teammate to regain his freedom to love ....

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If there is a season 2 manga, its meaning can be a season 2 animation? Oh it would surprise me greatly, the anime series Angel Heart was a huge flop in Japan (not surprising given its nullity) and it is unlikely that studios adapt unpublished

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