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Hello, I realized this blog, or rather say that I found raliser this blog because I am a fan of Gre

Hello, I realized this blog, or rather say that I found raliser this blog because I am a fan of Grendizer, and thanks to this passion, j ' I encountered the GNiales people who convinced me to show my few drawings, and give in to the urge others in the crowd! Anyway I hopes to turn that little you like! and do not hesitate to leave me a comment if you enjoyed it!!

Archives (118) Bad news .... ! Hello all, Dsole to come to ... Chapter 77: All drapes ... more contrl ... Hello all, I know that chapter ... Chapter 76: Clinical Destination ...! ... Hello everyone, glad to see you ...

Hello everyone, As some of you know, I write a Fanfic currently on City Hunter and this, Saeko-chan7725 suggr for me that you can find them more easily post summary

and it seems like a great idea, I'm so grateful hello kitty bajki to saekko-chan7725 way. Of course it will not be complete,

to the extent I have not finished my story ... inquitude but no, I do not give up, even if j'tais far from suspecting that begins in the that it would take such an extent ... giving me so much work! For a first time in the writing I've done hard ... ! Anyway here are the numros

of chapter titles and especially the pages where to find them, and some information that will be added, for example: the drawings (one per chapter by raliss my care and HB pencils company and yes I know it is far from being the case at the moment ...!) the importance of the word chapter (this is a bientt etc.) ... I complterai Obviously this article regularly hello kitty bajki to upgrade it, I promise ... PS: Thanks to all those who follow me and are kind enough to help me or encourage me as GoldorakDarevil, Sweetcandyrose37 not are reluctant to leave me lots of comments and more ... but more discreet ... So thank you and kisses. For those who would be tempted, here's a little r sum : The City Hunter duo face a proof of size, while Ryo finally decides to go further with his partner, despite his life N1 cleaner in the middle, hello kitty bajki and the constant threat that represents for Kaori, he will find himself in the situation where the world of shadows may be the only chance his angel ... because the danger comes from the world of Kaori not his ... and it will take all the good social support, to have a small chance to save ... and more ... It is not very long, but with chapter titles that give you some more clues. Just remember that the plot, action violence hello kitty bajki even, and love will be Introduced in this Fanfic, plus a little humor ...


City Hunter Page 8 Chapter 1: Rve change (drawing Kaori) Chapter 2: Between desire and reality hello kitty bajki (drawing Ryo) Chapter 3: Temptation in the awakening (drawing Kaori) Page 9 Chapter 4: Will Play ... will not?! (Drawing Ryo) Chapter 5: Visit ominous (drawing Saeko) hello kitty bajki Chapter 6: Dbut horror ... beginning of explanation (drawing Kaori) Chapter 7: Explanations and consequences (drawing Ryo) Chapter 8: Dealing ... even in pain (drawing Ryo & Kaori) Page 10: Chapter 9: Almost an alliance?! Chapter 10: A minor accident?! Chapter 11: Do not blame me, my friend Miki! Chapter 12: A friend always Introduced, Mick! Chapter 13: The case accuracy of ... Page 11: Chapter 14: Cockfight Chapter 15: Bad feeling Chapter 16: Fear of knowledge, but ... Chapter 17: Making the Necessary Chapter 18: Waiting Page 12: Chapter 19: The ax falls! hello kitty bajki Chapter 20: First Kiss to taste bitter Chapter 21: Moment of truth Chapter 22: The death consquence?! Chapter 23: The decision Page 13: Chapter 24: Developing muscle! Chapter 25: Impatience Chapter hello kitty bajki 26: Clumsy and clever at the same time! Chapter 27: Dors mon ange quiet ... Page 14: Chapter 28: Man Behind the Curtain Chapter 29: Interrogation ... Chapter 30: Back from a night of hunting Chapter 31: The time has come to love ... Chapter 32: Moment desire ... magical moment (rserv Lyrics, I prfr suddenly classify it secret article, please contact me intresse ... because you will not see it on page 14 , even if it is in fact) Chapter 33: Back to the brutal harsh reality Page 15: Chapter hello kitty bajki 34: Total races Chapter 35: Impasse or channel? Chapter 36: Departure of sordid game! Chapter 37: Being afraid of yourself ... Chapter 38: There's no way I'll let you ... Page 16: Chapter 39: Accept the situation, whatever the odds Chapter 40: interlude gently Chapter 41: Inquitude
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