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Lie To Me

DraMarathon. Are there such terms? Haha.

I've spent much sleepless nights and days on the couch potato. The only difference is:I was lying on the bed hehe. And thank god for such an invention called smartphones (with data), life is always entertaining for DramaAddicts like me.

For example: I was out with my family to Orchard last weekend, getting Christmas gifts. And while we were waiting to dine, I took out my phone. That distracted me from dying of starvation. When my mom was trying on clothes, I was watching City Hunters (I missed the whole series on TV + it was only available on the app now!) Anyway I wasn't a LeeMinHo-er so that didn't bother me at all. The drama just killed my boredom.

SO. In this post there would be 3 dramas which I've much rewatched as I loved it to bits.

First: Lie To Me

Starring: Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji-Hwan

Plot:[ Gong Ah-Jung (YEH) is a Grade 5 officer working in the Ministry of Tourism. She's already over 30, but still single and unmarried. She meets her friend, Yoo So-ran (Hong Soo Hyun), who has married her first love, Chun Jae Bum (Ryu Seung Soo). She deceived them and said that she was already married.

The next day, Ah-Jung goes to World Hotel to repay Hyun Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan), who owns the hotel. She fell from the chair and spilled tomato juice all over her, and pretended to have fainted. Ki-joon carries Ah-Jung to a hotel suite in bridal-style. Ah-jung's friends saw her and assumed that she was married to Ki-joon.

The rumor spreads till it gets out of hand and Ki-joon and Ah-Jung signs a fake marriage agreement, where they pretend to be a couple. Meanwhile, they slowly and unknowingly fall deeply in love. Then, Ki-joon's ex-fianc e Oh Yoon Joo (Jo yoon hee) appears, causing everything to be complicated. ]

Omigosh. Sorry for the absolutely long plot. I just summarized the whole thing, although in my opinion it's still lacking of some content.


* as Gong Ah Jung

* as Hyun Ki Joon

* as Hyun Sang Hee

* as Oh Yoon Joo

* as Yoo So Ran

* as Chun Jae Bum

* as Hyun Myung Jin

* as Park Hoon

* as Manager Park

I feel that they are the main cast (tho wikiaddicts stop at Chun Jae Bum).

The drama only has 16 episodes, which caused my 'journey' with them to be only 1-1 1/2 days long :(I need a SEASON 2 peeps!

Drama Rating:Episodes: 4/5 (I need more, people!)Content: 5/5Pace: Quite fast, as compared to 'Can you hear my heart?' Maybe it's due to the number of episodes

What I like about this drama:Dashing Kang Ji-hwan! And I support HwanHye (Ji-HWAN + Eun HYE)! I just ended this yesterday and would love to rewatch it. (I've rewatched about 3 times already, no kid!)

I think this drama was aired in Singapore in early this year. Can't remember tho.

Photos: (most are cr:Google, I'm not sure of the exact sites)

Hyun Sang-hee ( Sung Joon)-Brother of Hyun Ki-joon

The much-anticipated cola kiss in Ep 8

In Ep 15(I think), Ah-Jung is unemployed and Ki-joon persuades her to exercise with him

Their first kiss during the housewarming party thrown to convince So-ran and friends that they were married

Collages: The pictures are not credited to me, but only the collage.The last scene & Jeju Island. There is YEH's voice-over, telling So-ran that they're really getting married, and during Autumn.

Another kiss. This was the time when So-ran came to find Jae-bum @ Jeju Island to tell him that she was pregnant. And some couple dates.( Ki-joon + Ah-Jung Jae Bum + So-ran )

Ki-joon almost kissed Ah-Jung, as cherry blossoms were falling around them. The bench they sat on becomes a significant place for the both of them.

While/after watching this drama, my only thoughts were, "Why can't I be her?" " I want my life to turn out like that..." Or "I would die to be her". I realized, that frequently I thought of was , "KJH is so handsome!"


Look out for the next post! Coming right up, lemme take a short break first.

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