Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Confessions of a sinner


SLP ytd was so good I got a red nose now and even tanner arms and my lower body and back is aching and I got drenched with bedok reservoir water like no tmr. And I met some really nice and funny ppl! Looking forward to the next activity alr HAHA.

Had a really long good talk with someone I've wanted to talk to for a long time and I think I can see the light now. If you're reading this thn I'm sorry to have hurt you with my post from that time and for all the other things I told you I did. Thankyou for understanding that I said those stuff about you in the moment of anger and for accepting my indirect apology and letting me know about everything that happened and how you felt and what you thought and for clearing up all the misunderstandings that we had. I was shocked to find out the truth about everything and I'm really glad you made the right choice and can be yourself there and feel happier. Sorry for only bringing it up now even though I wanted to clear it up a really long time ago. I'm glad that we could talk it out cause this kinda stuff happened to me in the past before and I lost many friendships cause of what I did and also cause of ppl who did shit to start/continue problems. Thanks again for ytd it was really a huge burden off my back!

And I can't believe at this age there're still ppl doing things like that. Lying to everyone and making things up just so ppl would believe you and be on your side and turn against someone who didn't even do anything. It's damn childish and lame la seriously. Even ppl who chose to maintain neutral got on your bad side wtf. Just cause they're not on your side doesn't mean they're against you? And why can't you leave ppl who alr left alone and continue stirring up shit that's not even there to begin with? Do you even know how much problems and misunderstandings you've caused omg. Ppl left us cause of you and you alone when the rest of us didn't even want them to go. And even after all was over they wanted to come back so badly but they didn't cause of you again. DO YOU EVEN REALIZE HOW MISERABLE YOU HAD TO MAKE THEM FEEL FOR THEM TO GIVE UP OTHER PPL THAT THEY REALLY LIKE AND GO WITHOUT A WORD AND NEVER COME BACK EVEN THOUGH THEY REALLY WANTED TO? sometimes pushing others down below you just gives them a better view of seeing you fall ya. Especially when you've done it to not one but many, you're basically gathering a crowd of spectators waiting to see you fall alone. I'm sure it's common sense too if not just one or two or three ppl from your class dislikes you but the majority does? Thn really the problem is with you, not them. Even the ppl who are really nice don't get wtf you're doing and why you're doing it. Outsiders can see the picture much more clearer than the ppl inside because they're not involved and their eyes and ears are not blocked by false accusations and assumptions. And honestly how conceited can you get to think I would bitch about you to others when I can use the time to clear misunderstandings up. I'm not even that close to you in the first place to have shit to bitch about trololol sorry but not everyone as pro as you ah dk that person also can make other ppl don't like them. Acting like best friends (just cause I decided to clear things up with someone I fought with)? Who are you kidding HAHA like that everyone my best friend alr la sial. I know you're lacking in some definitions but please know the difference between 'bitching' and 'clearing things up with ppl you had problems with'. If your definition of bitching is apologizing to someone for whatever wrong I did and admitting to the things I've done and said and clearing up the misunderstandings (which I later found out was caused by you) on both sides and finding out from them what lies you said to get ppl to side you and be against your victim thn yupp I was definitely bitching about you. But thn again since you said that I bitched about you thn well I guess it's not your fault since our definitions are rather different HAHAHA.

Went to bugis+ after SLP ytd for free dinner heheheh the food there was damn great I had 4 cakes and 2 cups of latte and was so damn full for the rest of the night. Still have 2 more cakes left untried HAHA I'm definitely going there again and omg I spent the night watching city hunter it was so damn good like the best way to end a long tiring day seriously

Gonna make lots of plans with ppl soon heheh gotta catch up with qh and fel and xy and reb and Clara and felawesome and Ana and Ruth and there's the class outing to look forward too aww yeah
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