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Lee Min Ho Global Tour in Malaysia 2013

Familiar with the guy above? Lee Min Ho (/), the famous and handsome Korean actor/singer which plays the lead role in several renowned K-Drama such as:

Boys Over Flowers (),

Personal Taste (),

and also City Hunter ().

Recently, Lee Min Ho is on his global tour and Malaysia was one of the lucky countries which gets listed in the Global Tour list. And guess what? I managed to won TWO PAIR OF VVIP TICKETS to see Lee Min Ho LIVE!

*gam dong* This is my very first time in my entire life winning something this big! Feeling so blessed and touched () *cries again*

My ticket pass to watch Lee Min Ho!

Frankly, it was a damn OMG moment when I receive the good news. I literally gasped so fricking loud in my lecture class when Nuffnang told me that I'm the lucky winner that won these tickets. I would really really like to take this opportunity to thank Nuffnang, Astro, and also ONE TV Asia for the wholesome fun!

Without further ado, I'll show you guys what I experienced during Lee Min Ho's Global Tour. The Global Tour was held in Kenanga Wholesale City Mall on 29th June 2013 (Saturday) and starts at 7 p.m.So, the day before the tour, Ken told me that we have to drive out early to KWC Mall in case if the traffic jam becomes intolerable and high chances we'll get stranded if we go out late. I agreed to that because I FRICKING hate traffic jams.

But, on the day itself our timing went slightly off because I took quite a long time to prepare especially my make-up *girls being girls* AHAHA. I was so ecstatic for the tour so I was determined to look like an ulzzang at least for one day OK. Luckily, my baby boy wasn't pissed at me hahahaha. Well, if you guys followed my Instagram (why won't you?!), you'd probably know how my ulzzang make-up looks like.

Okay a not? Pass a not? Do I look like an ulzzang? Hahahaha.

Above is a screenshot I took from my Instagram just a couple of hours ago before the Global Tour. Did you observe my caption? No? Here's a zoomed in one then:

Eventually, Ken found out I posted the syok sendiri caption on Instagram and when I wanted to take a selca of both of us, did is what he did to me:

(left to right) Ken's hand and I.

Can you believe this dude?!!! Errmahgerddddd. He was pissed and used his hand to cover the camera because he doesn't want to take a picture with me HAHAHAHA. And once we reached there (we were half an hour early!) we wanted to shop and check around KWC Mall. But because I was too nervous, I told myself that I can shop later after the tour ends.

One selca of me while waiting for the elevator. The elevator takes foreverrrrrrr.

Finally, Ken decided to smile back and take a selca with me ahahah.

And so since the elevator takes foreverrrrrrrr, we decided to just use the stairs instead. When we reached the 15th floor where Lee Min Ho's Global Tour in Malaysia takes place, I was pretty shocked to know that it was an open space concert. The other factor that wowed me was the number of crowds! The place was quite pack and I felt a little bit uneasy at first because there is just too many people.

The crowd a.k.a Lee Min Ho's die hard fans. It's super packed!

The VVIP section seats.

The curtains with Lee Min Ho's name projected on it.

Honestly, it's my first time attending such event. I've never been to a concert before, what not Global Tour? Not to mention, that it's a Korean celebrity! So I am really thankful and in full anticipation for Lee Min Ho's Global Tour! Couple of minutes later.....

The bright sky was gradually fading and all of a sudden the huge stage lights are on.

I still remember how wild the crowd was when the stage lights flashed. People were screaming and the anticipation in me grew higher. I also chant along when the crowd was shouting, "Lee Min Ho, Lee Min Ho!". All my life I've only seen him in my TV and computer screen, so to be able to see him with my own eyes is like something I never thought I'll experience.

Lee Min Ho, the glowing man?

A short video clip I took on Min Ho performing 'My Everything'.

So the curtains are pulled and Lee Min Ho appeared on the stage while he sings his first song titled, 'My Everything'. OK I SWEAR HE WASN'T GLOWING ON STAGE BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY MY CAMERA TAKES THIS PICTURE. Probably, my camera was secretly in love with Lee Min Ho lol.

A clearer view of Min Ho. Credits to iloveleeminho.wordpress.com

I took several shots and Min Ho still looks so glowy so I got fed up and snap the big screen instead LOL.

Okay, I'm not sure if you guys can see the picture above clearly but in case if you can't, let me explain to you. Min Ho is actually riding on a bike (yes, riding on stage!) while singing to his second song, 'Pieces of Love'. It looked so real, so movie-like that my boyfriend was also in awe.

(above & below) Min Ho and his fellow dance mates while singing to 'Pieces of Love'.

Later on, there was also a Q&A session with Min Ho and a local host.

(left to right) Ms. Translator, Min Ho, and the host.

And you know what amazed me?!

Yes, you saw it right! Lee Min Ho actually said, "Apa khabar, Malaysia?" while waving to his Malaysian fans. Shocking enough, there were also fans from other countries such as China, Singapore and even Korea itself!

Live Q&A session taking place.

During the Q&A session, the questions asked was something where the fans doesn't know about Min Ho. I remembered there was one question where the host asked, "What do you usually do when you're feeling sad or angry?" and Min Ho replied, "I go to sleep and try to forget about the devastation. Plus, I really love to sleep". And I was like, OMG I DO THE SAME THING TOO. *fangirling mode on* wtf ahahha.

And after the Q&A session ended, Min Ho was back to entertaining his fans with his usual charm and latest tracks.

I know this shot is blur. I purposely uploaded it because it look like a piece of photography art ahahah.

Later on, while Min Ho takes a short rest, a new boy group named 'Monsterz' went on stage to perform.

Next up, Min Ho appeared back on stage with a snapback hat and sunglasses while belting his famous song, 'Love Motion'.

And there was also a surprise from Min Ho oppa! He actually had four bags of Innisfree products to giveaway to his fans! Innisfree is actually a Korean skincare brand that Min Ho is currently endorsing for. But you know what's the best part? Each bags contains Innisfree products where Min Ho hand-picked it himself!! But I wasn't lucky enough because my seat number wasn't chosen

Min Ho and the giveaway products by Innisfree.

Sooner or later, it's time to say goodbye to Min Ho oppa. He belt his last encore piece which is 'Say Yes' and fans were singing along with him. I was quite sad because the concert had to come to an end. I wanted to shout, "Oppa, kajima!" but I was too shy OK. Hahaha.

Overall, it was really a great experience and I'm glad I managed to be part of Lee Min Ho's Global Tour. And I couldn't have enjoyed all of this if it wasn't for Nuffnang and ONE HD. Thank you so so much for giving me a once in a lifetime opportunity! *gam dong again*

To sum up my entire experience in one word,

Thank you ONE HD!

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