Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 (12) October (3) May (9) 2012 (7) July (7) 2011 (61) December (3) King Eagle Gan

The barbarian Mongols soundtrack city hunter besieged in China, so the military call-send any reputable family. However, soundtrack city hunter

"able-bodied" member of the family is ill, so the rest of the family joins with his daughter dressed man sent instead. This girl is having fun in the army of men who would pick up the fight and gradual in advance through the ranks. Up to the rank of General. Really come to like each other during the battle with General Li, but she did not reveal in front of women's nature. The war is over, Mulan returns home to his family. soundtrack city hunter But no matter t borbok Li's visit. Rating: ** I suppose that many of us have heard the story Mulan. If nothing else, it is a result of the Walt Disney fairy tale. I admit I have not seen the story and the rest of the movie, so for me it was new. Well, the movie itself is not member logged off. Huangmei opera in terms of musical style. Quite a lot of singing in it (which is often whine and annoying), the story is quite moderate. There are two things I could bring up positive: IvyLing Po as the film's protagonist and attractions (well, compared to age).

2013 (12) October (3) May (9) 2012 (7) July (7) 2011 (61) December (3) King Eagle Gang Master 1971 1982 Lady General Hua Mulan 1964 September (6 ) July (15) June (16) May (10) April (2) October soundtrack city hunter (9) 2010 (103) December (3) September soundtrack city hunter (8) August (22) September (35 ) May (12) April (23)
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