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For Culture's Sake in 2013

The beginning of a new year is often a time for summing up the past year. So I'll do so. This post will be related to the blog itself. Some musings and statistics.

But first, I'd like to thank all the readers for being with me, for reading and commenting and for inspiring me. Writing this blog I was able to find a lot of new friends. I hope to keep in touch with you in this new 2014 year and later on. THANK YOU! I wish you all the best during this year.

Please be warned, it'll be a really long post.


* The blog has started in February 2013.

* My FIRST POST was published on 25TH FEBRUARY, it was .

* My LAST POST in 2013 was published on 28TH DECEMBER, and it was a review of film (anime) titled .

* Most posts are from the . (What can I write? I just love books!)

* The most viewed posts are: (review of USA TV series The Blacklist, first 8 episodes), (the post about Insignificance music video, tho I wrote also about the ) and .

* Most of my posts are related to books/music/films published years earlier. Just a few posts are related to current (2013 for last year posts) culture.


* Most often the blog was viewed by users from Poland, Indonesia and United States.

* The readers of For Culture's Sake are from 31 different countries.

* The readers come from following continents: Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Europe.Top 3 continents are: Europe, Asia and North America.

Continue reading to see a list of books, films, TV series and music mentioned on For Culture's Sake during 2013.


Title order.

* , edited by John Stevens. The book was taught as a reader for 8-9th grade students, but gave me a lot of fun, despite being 2 times older than expected reader. Various authors, various topics.

* . A series of short stories showing childhood and the road to adulthood of a boy in Northern England in 1950s.

*is a classic Japanese folk tale in version for Japanese children (or foreigners starting to learn the language ;)). Illustrated with colourful images.

* edited by Joyce Merrill Valdes. An academic book on a topic that got me interested - teaching language in cross-cultural environment.

*is a series of bilingual (Indonesian/English) books of traditional Indonesian stories. A horror to read because of all the mistakes in the text. Not worth the money I spent on it. And not worth a time to review it seriously.

* is a classic vampire story. But it's too outdated and too boring. The worst book I had read in 2013.

* . A book for Polish students to review the history of Poland. I still haven't finished reading it.

*is a set of classic folk tales from Warsaw. Partly with poems, illustrated with colourful images. Written in Polish. Something for the lovers of folk tales or those in love with Warsaw city.

* . Indonesian book of crime short stories for children. Illustrated with black&white images. The only book I haven't finished (stopped) reading in 2013. I was too ambitious trying to read and translate at the same time, but I'll come back to it in 2014.

*is an ebook about Goodreads or generally social sites in the internet.

* . Japanese manga (comic) for adults without selling sex. I've read it under Indonesian title "Have a Good Night" tho just 2 volumes. I kinda had to stop, because I couln't find the middle volumes. A manga to which I'll return one day, to read it all. In the meantime, I'll probably watch Japanese drama (TV series) based on manga.

* . A classic of science fiction. Originally written in Polish, translated into various languages. An inspiration for a few films, including one with George Clooney.

*is a free guide through Wola, my beloved district in Warsaw. Written in Polish.

* . A m/m romance which in the end was too disappointing for me. I kinda forced myself to read it to the end. Despite the great beginning.

*is a photo album of Warsaw.

* . A book on history of Warsaw, with short chapters filled with lots of stories and anecdotes. Book written in Polish.

* . It's a book about caffes and cake shops in Warsaw, mainly pre-Second World War. A book that requires a longer review, which might happen in the future, after I read it for the second time.

I've read more, but for some reasons, they didn't get mentioned.


*is an ongoing USA crime TV series. Main hero is a crime stories writer "helping" the New York police with solving the murders.

*is an adaptation of Japanese manga City Hunter. It's a nice action drama.

*is a 1997Japanese film in the Detective Conan series. Detective Conan is considered classic in Japan. Manga (comics), anime (animated) TV series, cinema films and TV series with real actors are just a part of the brand.

*is a 2008 film in the Doctor Who series. If you don't know what (who) is Doctor Who, you can still watch it.

*is a new way of telling the classical Dracula story. I've watched few episodes, it wasn't nothing as exciting as The Blacklist (and both series have "the bad guy" as main hero). I started reading Dracula after watching some episodes. And so far I prefer the new Dracula twisted story to its original. I stopped watching it after 4th episode, but I may come back to the series.

*is a thriller about FBI-profilers-to-be.

*is a 2011 Chinese fantasy partly set in ancient China. Worth watching, especially if you love the fighting scenes.

*is a classic USA crime series. The main hero is a bestseller crime writer and an old widow, Jessica Fletcher. Recommended for those who like slow-paced crime stories with focus on deduction.

*is romantic Indonesian film based on book written by Indonesian writer called Dee.

*is a 2013 (ongoing) USA crime TV series. A TV series I'm glued to, because of the main character (Raymond "Red" Reddington) and the actor playing him - James Spader.

*is a 2013 Polish film by Andrzej Wajda, famous Polish director. The hero is Lech Wasa, former Polish president (1990-1995), who won Nobel Peace Prize. Even tho I wrote about this film, I haven't seen it.


*- a Japanese rock band playing for over 25 years. One of my favourite bands ever. I'm listening to them for years already and I'll continue so. I might buy ANY of their CDs and I'll love it.

*is a Japanese band. Like B'z it's another band that is almost as old as me and another "I can buy ANY of their CDs" band. I'm already listening to this band for years, no matter the changes in music genres.

*is a late Indonesian pop singer. One of my favourite Indonesian musicians.

* , a Japanese vocaloid and "virtual singer". A group of people made Miku sing in Polish, a Polish folk song. Made for 125th celebration of National Ethnography Museum in Warsaw. A great and catchy song!

* , Taiwanese pop singer. I first heard about her inspired by a poem of Polish poet Wis awa Szymborska, and later I listened to the whole .

* : Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Do you like (dislike) any of the books/films/music I mentioned? Did you read/watch/listen to any of it earlier? Or maybe did I got you interested? Share your opinion with others in comments.
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