Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Give Up The Trouble & Move On

"Do you resign being a human?"

That's the question in the Anime series, 'Valvrave The Liberator' where the pilot needs to answer that question for the robot to be in control. Giving up humanity to become a vampire could be a twisted result. But in reality, it's time to give up the troubles of the past to open up for a brighter future. I told to myself once, i would resign being a human, not to be a vampire, because there's no vampires in reality i suppose, i would rather be either an adventurer, a mission agent or a brave one.

For the past 6 years, i just realized that life is getting started to suck a little. I remember back last September that my little sister told me that i should resign my thoughts of everything Sandara Park for my reconnection to support the DLSU Green Archers, it was like back in 2007, but during that time, it's for my support for the ADMU Blue Eagles. At the start of last year, i just saw Dara's ex-BF, to be paired with the 'girl who cried wolf' from a murder case of 2011? Like he dated a slut. I was about to release my anger on them, but good thing, my mom didn't watch that as they guested on a morning talk show, because she knows that i'll end up being angry. But if the 2 finally returned to the local showbiz scene before this decade ends. Then so be it, i would rather watch the Gokaiger Goseiger 199 Hero Great Battle if they ended up being a love team. I would rather see Bouken Red's epic return. It's like back 2 years ago, many Super Sentai fans have waited for Mitsuomi Takahashi to return, bringing back the character he portrayed in Boukenger. Like there was a blue-colored feather landed in a copy of The Guidon.

On the other hand, i was just getting started to do a lot of cleaning & now, it's on the last stage, winter cleaning. Although there's no winter season here, being in a tropical country but the winds are colder like there's really winter & the result is like being trapped in a large refrigerator at the high setting, but there's some feels moments going on like i just entered a time machine, going back to the memories of Junior Year HS. But, it's about time to remove the excess baggage, it can't go over thru time & space i suppose. If i do a lot of the cleaning, then there will be a lot of free space plus more breathing room.

The time from 6 years ago just tested my wits. I just realized that after Sandara's departure, the man who loved her after they met in a reality talent search was such an idiot, i would rather give him a well-deserved death in a Jyuden Brave Slash. The next time he returns to the local showbiz scene in the arms of the slut female celebrity from 2 years ago, i could grip tight on that Ichigan Buster & think about on how will i stop them from getting their careers back. The plot just ended up being too City Hunter for me, but i guess it's worth it after all.
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