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Owning a very ordinary name, let alone a mediocre, just like any other film exploring the emotional

Crazy Stupid Love

Owning a very ordinary name, let alone a mediocre, just like any other film exploring the emotional relationships within a family. However, Crazy. Stupid. Love is not as simple as people often think about the movie at first glance. Cinematographic works to a depth of aftershocks, strong in mind anyone ever look at it. Because people will see them in every frame of this picture. Crazy. Stupid. Love does not describe a love unilateral particular, that it is the totality of the relationship stick together, stick together and complement each other to turn itself into a perfect them. The break in the chain to the end of the film series was suddenly healed, and then, love (love) is not a stupid (stupid) again, leaving the frantic passion (Crazy ).

Crazy. Stupid. Love opens with the scene of a very ordinary couple at the kitchen table. They were selected item. Cal, the husband, the proposal would both say their dishes will call for 3 hours. One, two, three, Cal cried, Cr me Brulee dish of their choice. But his wife, Emily, in her husband's amazement, asked something beyond their imagination, "divorce".

It is time every link in the relationship began to fall apart. Swift, accurate and not fenced city hunter 17 welcome. At home, the caregiver of Cal and Emily are Jessica is looking to help their two children are Robbie. 14-year-old Robbie, are in puberty and fell in her ignorance of her babysitter. Meanwhile, at the age of 17, Jessica fascinated successful man, calm and mature three of Robbie, city hunter 17 Cal Weaver. However, it is not yet time for them to express themselves because of all the complexity is still located in the conjugal relationship between Cal and Emily. After 20 years together, they realize there are things feeling faded away, but both faded and no one could understand why. Emily wants a divorce because she did not miss a night with another man, but also because she feels herself gradually separated from Cal, Cal was leaving, as well as the time Emily lied Cal Late work is simply to go to the movies alone and watch the movie Twilight.

In this chain immediately, the viewer understand city hunter 17 the rift in a relationship sometimes not only from the betrayal, but more fierce and cruel, it came from oblivion. The woman who lived all his 20 years as husband

city hunter 17 because I like how Emily could easily deny the past, leave or betray a man just because others. Above all, Emily understands that family is all that solid prop for the child, but she could not understand her. The middle-aged woman does not understand why she can not feel her husband. So she filed for divorce ...

In the child with extreme and painful, Cal frequented a bar and met Jacob, Jacob, too fed up with the monotonous style of Cal, shyness and lack of bravery man, was determined Cal started to help themselves change. Jacob teaches Cal how to pamper women, how to create a glossy exterior to women can look them in the eyes of admiration. Jacob changes Cal, in a sense it is positive on, but despite how much back and forth with a woman, living through city hunter 17 many nights all alone with a strange woman, Emily Cal always city hunter 17 think about every day , every hour ...

Jacob gave Cal halfway. The road left, driven by his troubles behind and pulled to the dialogue with small children. Robbie, with intense faith and deeply beloved, told his father, "If three people really love it, I have to fight for them." A small words, simple and somewhat city hunter 17 clichof the boy awakened to Cal. Cal blame themselves for indifference, coldness, because the weak and vile little piece of themselves in love. Cal won the Emily decided, in a certain way. However, city hunter 17 the more complex

things than they think.

Because both Cal, Emily, city hunter 17 Jacob, Robbie, Jessica faces before the turn of his life. The essence of love is often caught our choice, and the choice of continuing or stopping them is likely to affect those around him. And so, to take place in tragedy ...

The movie was written by writer Dan Fogelman name, he was very much involved in writing by the scent cartoon fairy Walt Disney Cars, Cars 2, Bolt, Tangled ... Crazy structure. Stupid. Love is woven together in a coherent way through the multi-dimensional relationship. The tragedy of this defect and sometimes the advantage of others, and vice versa. city hunter 17 Viewers will have to drive up to see Jacob enjoy a Cal ink changes from the beginning to the end of the film just to good for his old friend, but also that he lost almost as big laova intense love of at the end of his film. If Cal does not have a little generous, a bit naive and a little city hunter 17 pride breakfasts "little homeland" of the middle-aged man, Jacob certainly will not regret what I did.
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